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  • The Safe and Sound Protocol Training

  • August Covid Outbreak

  • We were planning to run the training on the 3rd of September but because of the covid restrictions we have had to move this to an online only event on September 18th, 9am-4pm. As soon as the whole country is in level one we will offer in person training.

  • More and more people are experiencing high anxiety, trauma and sensory issues. New Zealand schools have reported a 57% increase in violence and serious behavioural problems in the last four years. The Safe and Sound Protocol has been developed by Dr Stephen Porges (a world leading neuroscientist on trauma and safety) to address this.

  • It works by helping people who are in a hyper-aroused and dysregulated state, feel safe, calm and become regulated.

  • Here is an example of how it may work. Harry, seems to “explode” whenever anything goes wrong at school, last week he threw a chair into a window. SSP may help to calm Harry’s nervous system so that when things go wrong he can react calmly to the situation.

  • Here is a short video on how it works,

  • Here is a longer video on how it works,

  • There are more and more scientific studies showing how effective it can be, such as this one here,

  • Porges, S. W., Bazhenova, O. V., Bal, E., Carlson, N., Sorokin, Y., Heilman, K. J., ... & Lewis, G. F. (2014). Reducing auditory hypersensitivities in autistic spectrum disorder: preliminary findings evaluating the listening project protocol. Frontiers in Pediatrics, 2, 80.

  • It may help…

  • People who have anxiety

  • People who have PTSD

  • People who experience sensory issues/overload

  • People on the autistic spectrum

  • People who have behavioural/anger/difficulty with self-regulation

  • It can be used on people ages 5 and up, including adults.

  • We are looking for people who can be trained in this to offer to people who need it.

  • Training dates

  • Saturday, 18th of September 2021, 9am to 5pm available in person in Christchurch or online.

  • More dates will be added as the need arises.

  • Who can apply?

  • Ideally, we are looking for counsellors, social workers, RTLBs, occupational therapists, nurses, youth workers, those with mental health certificates, or people who have some training (maybe an incomplete degree) or experience in these areas. We may consider people who have no qualifications but who are passionate about helping in the situations mentioned above.

  • Who will deliver the training?

  • The training will be offered by Beverley Flitton PhD who gained a Diploma in Counselling, Diploma in Person Centred Art Therapy, MA in Counselling Inquiry, and completed a PhD in April 2008 from the University of Hertfordshire, UK.
  • Beverley is specialised in working with children & adolescents with complex needs, their families, and school staff members. The focus of her PhD was ‘The value of counselling in schools with children with complex needs’ – exploring creative ways to work with young people to express and explore their inner worlds.

  • Costs

  • Training $250+gst.

  • Anyone wishing to use SSP must do so via supervision and arrangement with Dr. Beverley Flitton, as harm may be caused if the protocol is not used correctly. Monthly supervision would be approximately $200, this includes the use of the system.

  • Although not everyone will be a registered counsellor, we expect anyone using this system to abide by the New Zealand Counselling Association Code of Ethics.

  • https://www.nzac.org.nz/ethics/code-of-ethics/

  • Incorrect or misuse of this system may result in our refusal to license the product to you, no refund will be given if this happens.

  • How can I cover costs?

  • We are not able to offer financial help or supply clients. However, we can suggest options if you are interested in applying but don’t have the money.

  • You could approach a local Rotary or Lions Club, (we would be happy to write letters of support)

  • A local business may offer sponsorship

  • You may be able to set this up as a private practice business

  • Individual sessions for clients could be funded by the disability allowance for those on a benefit, this is $60 and is also available to the children of those on benefits.

  • We can suggest places and ways that you can gain clients.

  • How do I apply?

  • Please send a short email to Michael Hempseed, explaining your experience or qualifications, why you want to offer this and how much time you can devote to this. Ideally, we are looking for people who can offer this at least part time or full time as there are many people who need this.

  • Michael can be contacted through this form,

  • https://www.beingatruehero.com/contact.html